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Welcome To My Home Page

This website will serve as a hub for the outreaches and ministries we are currently involved in. You will be able to click on any link and go to information about that particular ministry or outreach. Be sure to check back often as the links will be updated frequently.

I am excited God has led me to put together this website. While I'm not sure where this will lead, I am sure of the One who is leading me to do this. I know God doesn't lead us to do things for no reason. Therefore, I am confident there is a purpose for this endeavor. 

We are currently hosting a Gospel Sing Live from Our Living Room every Thursday at 2 pm Central time (on New Jerusalem Singers Facebook page). God has used this to be a blessing to those who enjoy old time gospel music.

Take your time and check out the ministry links contained herein. Come and join us when you have the opportunity whether it be with the New Jerusalem Singers or an outreach of New Jerusalem Ministries. I also encourage you to check out my blog, podcast, vlog, YouTube channel and friend me on Facebook.

God is doing amazing things in these days with those who are surrendered to and committed to Him.

Enjoy the Journey! 

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